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  Monday, January 15, 2018  
Business Class Telephone Service
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The Information and Communications Industry the world over is extending their product service portfolios to provide for the converged voice, video and data transfers over the Internet and Wide and Local Area Networks

To facilitate this convergence, the Gillette ICT Group of companies provides a joint - consultative approach to the provision of information and, communication technologies to its clients, guaranteeing reduced costs, optimization of resources, improvement in  business processes, enhancement of customer service, superior network design, and the successful installation and implementation of technology.

Dedicated Corporate VoIP (Voice Gateways, Gatekeepers)

  • Internet Voice Solutions – net2phone and gotocall

Video Conferencing Services

VideoCon Service provided by the ISP/Telecom Division is committed to the highest availability, highest quality, and self-sufficient delivery of video conferencing services available at two locations (Port of Spain and San Fernando) in Trinidad. Video Conferencing Services provide for video conferencing facilities in Country, Regionally and Internationally over Open Telecom’s Proximity Wireless IP Network and ISDN Circuits.

Video Surveillance Services

There has been a surge in the number of video surveillance systems installed in Trinidad and Tobago. Open Telecom has earned the confidence of our valued customers by providing professional assistance on all of our video surveillance systems, home security cameras & security camera systems.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) has grown significantly from being used by companies to protect personal property to becoming a tool used by law enforcement authorities for surveillance of public spaces. Carib Link and Open Telecom now offer the same professional high quality CCTV security products and service to our al our Internet customers.Video Surveillance Services offer:

·         Remote Surveillance Monitoring
·         Legacy CCTV Equipment
·         IP-Surveillance Equipment

PABX Systems and Services

Revolutionary changes are occurring today in both telecommunications and information technology industry.  Business environments of today are demanding a change in focus to more solution-oriented applications. These Services are again provided jointly by Open Telecom, The ISP’s and Computers and Controls and include the telephone systems and advance equipment, voicemail, call-tracker, voice data and video integration systems that are keeping costs down while increasing call-handling efficiency, more freedom and greater clarity. Our PABX systems now combine PABX features with IP compatibility that create advanced functionality, using the Voice-Over-IP Gateway option card, it converts voice signals into IP packets, making it possible to leverage your company's corporate data network to connect multiple locations without the need for a separate, dedicated leased line. This function also allows you to link your company's internal phone system with personal computers and the Internet.

Unified Messaging Products

The timely and efficient exchange of information is critical to the success of daily operations. Today’s fast-paced, global economy, demands  a comprehensive communication and information management solution that will streamline and facilitate workflows on multiple media platforms (voice, e-mail and fax)  in a unified manner, thus reducing the cost of owning all three technologies.


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Open Telecom Wireless Broadband Services
NOC Management
The Gillette Group’s Network Operations Center (NOC) is where the group’s telecommunications network is supervised, monitored, and maintained primarily the ISP Division (Carib-Link, Interserv & Cablenett), Computers & Controls and Open Telecom Ltd.   read more...
Open Telecom Broadband Telephone Services
Open Telecom Ltd. is newest entrant into the International Telephony market place, as a Long Distance Service Provider. As such will be the only BroadBand Telephone company operating in Trinidad and Tobago.   read more...
Proximity Wireless Broadband Internet Services
Open Telecom provides the platform from which corporate T&T can access wireless turnkey solutions in a cable free environment. Proximity’s Broadband Solutions are used extensively in the provision of both the Internet and WAN and LAN Infrastructure.   read more...
Proximity Wireless Network Solutions
The provision for secure enterprise wireless WAN and LAN solutions are unique to the Gillette Group as ICT Company in the region. Open Telecom, a Wireless Telecoms company that is a wholly digital wireless service provider supports a wide range of services that now includes voice, video and data transmission   read more...
Voice Over IP (VOIP)
The Information and Communications Industry the world over is extending their product service portfolios to provide for the converged voice, video and data transfers over the Internet and Wide and Local Area Networks.   read more...
VSAT And Satellite Technologies
Another advanced service provided by the Telecoms division of the Gillette ICT Group, Open Telecom.   read more...
Managed Security Services
Today’s competitive business environment demands that your company must focus on the activities that make it most successful.   read more...