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  Monday, January 15, 2018  
Open Telecom Network Operations Centre
Open Telecom Network Operations Centre
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The Gillette Group’s Network Operations Center (NOC) is where the group’s telecommunications network is supervised, monitored, and maintained. All our Group ICT companies (Carib-Link, Interserv & Cablenett), Computers & Controls and Open Telecom Ltd.) agree to provide a certain level of service.


The network operations center encloses visualizations of the networks that are being monitored, workstations at which the detailed status of the network can be seen, and the necessary software to manage these networks.


The Network Operations Center is the focal point for network troubleshooting, software distribution and updating, router and domain name management, performance monitoring, and coordination with affiliated networks

The Network Operations Center is staffed by technical professionals. It operates on a 24 by 7 basis. It ensures the reliability of data communications to all of its customers at all times. The objectives of the Network Operations Center are as follows:

  • Coordinate professional and timely resolution of network troubles.
  • Provide effective problem management for communications services.
  • Provide high quality router configuration services.
  • Provide high quality domain name services.
  • Manage network changes and moves to minimize disruption.
  • Monitor critical network components to detect failures and degraded performance.
  • Identify problem areas and coordinate corrective action before services are affected.
  • Provide customers with timely updates on service requests.
  • Provide timely, consistent and meaningful communications regarding the availability of network services
  • Provide general information about company communications networks and services.
  • Meet regularly with key customers to ensure communications needs are being met.
  • Collaborate with other computing service providers to improve network performance and management. To achieve its objectives and ensure QOS levels the NOC maintains network configuration and contact information, notification systems for planned and unplanned outages. Assists in design of trouble ticket and change management systems. Keeps abreast of emerging technologies and related management tools. Serves as customer advocate with external service providers.

Our 24-hour NOC helpdesk can be reached at 627-6559

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NOC Management
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