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  Monday, January 15, 2018  
Personel Profiles


Chief Operations Manager-Open Telecom

Mr Nicholas Look Hong expertise relates to Wireless Telecoms Infrastructure and Satellite Technology and he has acquired some 15years experience in installing and maintaining both the Gillette Group's satellite systems as well as having designed and implemented key satellite installations throughout the Caribbean. Mr. Look Hong also forms part of the Gillette Group Professional Services Division.


Chief Technical Officer

Ms. Naomi Rampersad has brought her extensive knowledge and expertise to lead her department to implement and maintain the highest level of  service  and advanced Internet technologies in the industry. She has over 10 years experience in data and voice networking, telecommunications and specializes in network security solutions including vulnerability assessments and security audits. She continues to provide design, implementation and consultancy, services in all aspects of IT Infrastructure for various local, region and international organizations. Ms. Rampersad is a Senior Consultant within the Gillette Group and forms part of the Gillette Group Professional Services Division.


General Manager Sales and Marketing

Mr Carlos Ramatali manages the overall Sales and Account Management Personnel. The department's credibility is attributed to its successful convergence of technical expertise, sales strength, and focus on building strong customer relationships.


Business Development Manager

Mr. Anthony Owen is focused on developing and growing the ISP Division’s core and support services throughout the Division, as well as utilizing proven technology to provide novel and innovative solutions.


Broadband Services Manager

Mr. Terrence Ali co-ordinates resources and personnel that install and maintain equipment used to deliver broadband services to a growing corporate customer base.


Firewall Security Services Expert

Mr Gregory Loe specializes in deploying and maintaining critical security management to ensure protection of their clients' businesses utilizing Firewalls and VPN's. Mr. Loe also forms part of the Gillette Group Professional Services Division.


NOC Manager

Mr. Rodello Colon, is in charge of managing the entire network operation centre for the ISP and Telecom's company of the Group. This is part of the proactive management techniques employed by the ISP's to ensure that we know about your problems before you do.


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Open Telecom (Overview)
Open Telecom Limited was first incorporated in the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago on 9 December 1992, with its principal activity being described as the provision of services for the wireless communications market... During the last thirteen years Open Telecom has acquired extensive expertise in both satellite and terrestrial base communications.   read more...
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The Gillette Group
The Gillette Group headquartered in Trinidad and Tobago and founded in 1983 under the banner of Computers and Controls Ltd... Testimony to its mission statement, “ To continuously invent an organization that will challenge the minds of this and future generations”, the Gillette Group has matured into to a diverse conglomerate of companies   read more...
Gillette ICT Group
The Gillette ICT Groups expansion within Trinidad and Tobago has been galvanized by the Governments de-monopolization of the telecommunications market.   read more...
Personel Profiles
Chief Technical Officer Telecoms Division: Mr Nicholas Look Hong has brought his extensive knowledge and expertise to lead his department to implement and maintain the highest level of service and advanced Wireless technologies in the industry. Mr. Look Hong also forms part of the Gillette Group Professional Services Division.   read more...